A big thank you to the Palm Springs community and all the visitors for the support we have received. So many of you have continuously stopped by to check on our progress. Thank you for signing up on our Grand Central website and keeping tabs on us through our Facebook page. It has been a long, challenging and interesting journey. 


We have been asked so many questions.

What took so long?

Bringing a 1936 historic building that was abandoned for 12 years, to code was quite an undertaking and took time. We have maintained 80% of the integrity of the building. 



After Clock.jpg


Why did we create Grand Central? Community table

Palm Springs is an inviting community and quickly takes in new comers no matter how long or short a stay. We wanted to be a meeting place for family, friends, residents and visitors to come together and enjoy exciting food and drink.  We wanted to be a place that people will take time to be with each other. Our families spent many wonderful times seated at kitchen and dining room tables surrounded by relatives and friends. Nourishment came from wonderful meals and shared community!  

Why the name Grand Central?

In cities and train stations throughout the years, people have been meeting “under the clock”.  Grand Central’s iconic clock is a reminder to take a breath; to take some time; to relax and enjoy innovative food and drink at our table.  Be with family and friends  - put down your devices and talk.